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  HidemaruMail (Store app version)
Supported OS Windows 10 (Version 1607 or later)
Introduction (English translated)
New features (English translated)
History (English translated)

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HidemaruMail (Japanese)
Desktop app version of HidemaruMail

Script Library (Japanese)
You can automate various processes.
Extension Module Library (Japanese)
There are shell extensions corresponding to Hidemaru Filer Classic.
HidemaruMail (Store app version) is the Internet email client app.

  • POP3/IMAP4/SMTP, Exchange Online via Microsoft Graph API.
  • OAuth2.0 authentication for Gmail/Exchange online.
  • Automatic removal of suspicious attachments.
  • Spam filter.
  • Fast email search, Fast thread view even a lot of email.

Software type
Paid app (can be used for trial)
License enabled on multiple PCs with Microsoft account.


Download from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store direct link

Microsoft Store Web page


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