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About the handling of personal information in SAITO-KIKAKU CORPORATION.
Basic Policy on Handling of Personal Information
SAITO-KIKAKU CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as "our company") recognizes that it is important as a social responsibility to properly protect customer information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information").

In order to ensure that our customers use our site with confidence, we will make every effort to handle the personal information of our customers provided on our site based on the following basic policy.
  1. We maintain a system to properly protect your personal information.

  2. When collecting your personal information, we clarify the purpose of use, obtain consent from the customer, and limit it to the use within that range.

  3. We will not provide your personal information to third parties except with the consent of our customers.

  4. We will respond in good faith to you if you ask us about your personal information stored by us.

  5. We will try to prevent unauthorized access, information loss, misuse, alteration, etc. in order to protect your personal information from various threats.

  6. In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information of customers, we will review and improve the efforts in the above sections as appropriate.
March, 2005 Hideo Saito, Representative Director and President, SAITO-KIKAKU CORPORATION.

Handling of personal information on our site
Our company pays the utmost attention to the protection of your personal information, and we handle it according to the following standards.

About personal information

[Use purpose of personal information]

When collecting personal information in each service, we have established a link to a page that clearly indicates the purpose of use so that users can confirm the purpose of using personal information.

[About editing personal information]

If there is a change in personal information registered in each service, or if an error is found, users can contact us and respond within a reasonable period of time. However, for personal information registered in the community, in principle, users are allowed to edit their own registered information.

[Disclosure of personal information to third parties]

In principle, the personal information of the user is not disclosed to third parties.
However, depending on the service, some of the personal information received from customers may be disclosed on the Web.
Other than our services, when required by law, when we need to disclose to protect our rights or property, when there is a need to collate third party data in a confidentiality agreement etc. It may be disclosed exceptionally.

[About the safety protection of personal information]

We have taken the following measures to protect your personal information.

  • We monitor the site from time to time to ensure the safety of the site. In addition, external issues related to safety are dealt with first priority.
  • In particular, secure information is managed by a dedicated server within our company, making it a system that can not be accessed from outside.


[Use of cookie]

We use cookies. The purpose of use is as follows.

  • Customized Service Delivery
    We use cookies to identify the users in use and to access our registration information. Specifically, it is used to enable the provision of customized content for each user, such as communiques and automatic document publishing services. If you do not accept cookies, some services may not be available.
In any case, we will not provide the third party with personal information acquired through cookies.

[Acquisition of log]

We have obtained logs about the status of access to our site and the status of file downloads from our site.
The system operation log is not associated with personal information, and is used only as information to identify the cause of a problem when a problem occurs in the system provided by our company.
Logs such as document issuance services and remittance reports are stored as user registration records.
We do not disclose the acquired log information to a third party.

[About our partner or link destination]

Our partner companies, third-party companies' sites and services that users can access through our site, or companies that collect data through prizes and promotional activities etc. I have data collection rules.
We do not assume any obligation or responsibility for these independent rules and activities. You are responsible for maintaining your password and registration information. In addition, please be careful about the handling of information when you are online.

[General Precautions]

Keep in mind that if you voluntarily disclose personal information on the Internet, that information may be collected and used by other users. If you publish your personal information online that everyone can access, you may receive unwanted messages from others. Although we strive to protect personal information, we can not guarantee the security when transmitting information. Users are responsible for transmitting the information.

[About the revision of our company privacy policy]

We may revise the privacy policy as necessary. If significant revisions occur, they will be notified for a certain period of time within the site to clarify the revisions.

[Contact information]

For inquiries regarding privacy policy and the handling of your personal information, please contact us at:

Mail to : support@maruo.co.jp

About the handling of personal information in each service
Please refer to the following pages for a detailed explanation of the handling of personal information in each service operated on our site.
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